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Consumers buy more, use less and waste more than ever before. Each year the U.S. generates approximately 12.1 million tons of textile waste. That equates to 70 lbs. of waste per household. It is hard to imagine what the global number would be.

Olanova is leading the way to a brighter future by converting unwanted clothing into popular and environmentally-friendly eco-fashions. The green, eco-fashion industry is a strong and sustainable market. Lucintel, a global market research company, estimates that the global apparel and accessories retail industry will reach $1,369 Billion by 2017. The green clothing industry alone has experienced a 24% worldwide increase since last year.

Consumers in all industries are beginning to request products that are more environmentally friendly. Businesses that are catering to this request are beginning to receive dividends.

Olanova’s mission is to help consumers become meaningful buyers by helping those in need and taking care the environment. We are confident that we do this better than anybody else.

Only 10% of women in third world countries have access to borrowed capital. Yet, 80% of women that have access to borrowed capital run successful businesses. Olanova works closely with investors to grow their capital and help make a difference.

Olanova has been instrumental in helping women in need become successful. Each year, Sonia Thomas travels to third world countries with sewing machines that she gives to women that demonstrate a desire to succeed. The women pay for their sewing machines back by sending Olanova finished eco-fashions that Olanova sells to purchase more sewing machines and continue the cycle.

In addition, Olanova teaches the women critical business skills that significantly improve their chance of being successful. Most of the women have never owned a business and lack the skills necessary manage a successful business. Olanova spends time teaching each recipient marketing, accounting and professional development skills.

Olanova believes in the gift of giving. It is truly amazing what a small contribution can do to change the lives of the less fortunate. To us, it is just a sewing machine. To a woman-in-need, it is the first step to a better life.

The hugs, the smiles and the tears all let you know that you have done the right thing. You haven’t just provided someone with a sewing machine. You have changed a life forever. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have made a difference.

Olanova has a goal of delivering 1 million sewing machines to women-in-need by 2017. If the thought of making a difference in the world resonates with you, we would like to extend our hand and offer you the opportunity to join us.

Olanova provides many ways to contribute. We welcome individuals that would like to walk with us by volunteering their time or by donating their unwanted clothing. Businesses can donate by purchasing sponsorship packages that help to provide the resources to make it all happen. All proceeds go toward helping women-in-need.

With a little help they can go a long way. We call it “The cycle of giving.”

Why Choose Us

      • Olanova is the first eco-fashion support business for Womenpreneurs in Utah and the US. We invite you to romote your company’s commitment to sustainability, recycling and made-local philosophy. Led by Sonia Thomas, Olanova is the fastest growing international inspirational movement in the world.
      • Reach out to a large number of people directly through Olanova’s media coverage, social media campaigns, fashion shows and the Olanova Eco-Mobile showroom.
      • Associate your company with the largest and fastest growing women and fashion markets. You will be working alongside Olanova with the most renowned local designers and cutting edge international talent.
      • Tap into the top media opportunities associated with eco-fashion for women and entrepreneurship.
      • Open doors and change lives for women-in-need by promoting your business in the local community. Olanova’s refashioned team and our diversified volunteer staff work very closely along with thousands of businesses to influence change in women’s future and reduce poverty.
      • Make a difference to the environment and improve the lives of women. Olanova establishes your business as a environmentally and socially aware leader. We know our insightful decisions will positively affect future generations.

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